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4 Things You Need To Know About Cheap Long Term Storage Units

4 Things You Need To Know About Cheap Long Term Storage Units

logistic centre with storage units close-up

Self-storage units provide safe and convenient space for individuals and businesses alike. Available in various sizes to meet individual needs, including climate-controlled options for items prone to being damaged by weather

People moving and downsizing often turn to self-storage units to keep clutter at bay in their new residence or apartment. Self-storage spaces may also prove more cost-effective for businesses than renting larger warehouse spaces.

The self-storage industry is flourishing and experiencing phenomenal growth over the years, estimated at over 50,000 storage units nationwide, which outstrips McDonald’s, Subway, and Starbucks combined!

Read on to see why cheap long term storage might be for you.

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1. Self Storage is Safe

Self-storage units are safe as houses. They offer a convenient way to keep your belongings securely held until you need them again.. To take further precaution, select an indoor rather than an outdoor unit and select one with a cylinder or disc lock resistant to bolt cutters that never gives out its code or key. In addition, visit your unit regularly, inspect for signs of damage or theft and ensure you purchase insurance coverage that covers everything inside it should something go amiss.

When selecting a self-storage facility, prioritise facilities with high ratings and great customer reviews. In addition, check that they feature 24-hour video surveillance as well as security gates; inquire about pest control plans; and pay attention to pricing, as some units may be less secure than others. Always consider both factors when making decisions!

Renting a storage unit requires a valid government-issued ID. Additionally, a contract or agreement will need to be signed that sets forth all rules and regulations related to using the storage space.

Many people utilise storage units for short-term situations. Storage units can help store things that don’t quite belong in a new home yet, like furniture and appliances. Storage units also come in handy if there’s just no room in your current place of living for certain items you don’t want to give up but don’t want to get rid of. Professional offices such as law firms and doctors use them for keeping records safe, while artists and collectors use them before shipping out their creations, and even contractors use storage units to keep tools and equipment secure!

When renting a storage unit, be sure to label each box. This will allow you to keep track of what’s inside each and make it easier to locate your belongings. A step stool might also come in handy for easily accessing items on higher shelves. In any event, be wary about keeping chemicals, flammables, and hazardous waste stored there, as they could be harmful or even hazardous waste!

2. Self Storage Units Are Convenient

Long term self storage gives you an efficient way of storing any extra items you don’t have room for in your home or business. With convenient 24/7 access during facility operating hours and various sizes available for accessing them at any given time, these storage facilities can come in handy whether for relocation purposes, expanding operations, or seasonal storage needs.

Traditional self-storage facilities tend to be single-story structures that allow customers to drive directly up to their units’ doors, while more modern facilities often have multiple-floor buildings with access through a common loading area.

Renting a self-storage unit can be an excellent way to declutter your home or office. But when choosing the unit that’s best suited for you, keep these key considerations in mind: ensure it fits all of your belongings; rent climate-controlled units if any items require protection from sudden temperature and humidity changes;

Consider also the cost of renting a storage unit. Prices depend on location, size, and facility amenities, so be sure to shop around to find the best price and deal. Compare self-storage companies’ pricing structures so as to find your ideal deal; additionally, consider signing a long-term rental contract, as this could result in better pricing than paying month-by-month rentals.

When starting up a self-storage company, the first step should be finding an appropriate location and purchasing land to build facilities. You then create various storage units geared towards both residential and commercial clients—this may range from basic lockers for personal possessions to larger garage-like spaces and warehouse facilities—before advertising and selling these units.

To achieve success in the self-storage industry, it’s vital that you understand your market and target audience. Focus on building an instantly recognisable brand to attract more tenants with longer lease terms, and devise an effective marketing plan.

3. Self Storage Can Be Cheap

Cheap long term storage gives an economical way for those who do not have sufficient space to get rid of clutter and make their homes seem larger. You can rent one online from the comfort of your own home; all you need is a valid ID, such as a driver’s licence, passport, or state ID. Also, be sure to read through any rental agreements or contracts carefully prior to signing them!

There is a wide selection of sizes for storage units available today, from 5’x5′ units up to 20’x20′ units. Most people typically rent the standard 10-by-10-foot size, which works perfectly. Furthermore, renting climate-controlled storage can provide better care for delicate items. When renting online through Moishe’s, you can also get great deals and save both time and hassle by reserving online through their user-friendly reservation systems.

4. They are easy to access.

If you need extra space, renting self-storage could be the perfect solution. Just be sure to choose an appropriate unit size and location in order to protect the items stored there.

An appropriate storage unit can help you stay organised and free up space in both your home and office. Not only can it store seasonal items or furniture you no longer require at the moment, but large items like bikes and lawn equipment, as well as your car, can all benefit from being securely stored away in these units.

Self-storage facilities are flourishing across the UK. Offering convenient and cost-effective ways of keeping items safe, renting a unit requires providing photo identification as well as signing an agreement agreeing to their terms and conditions.

Accessing your storage unit may only be possible during normal business hours; however, some facilities offer 24-hour access. Before renting from any facility, it is a good idea to visit their website in order to ascertain their access hours and to purchase or rent locks as necessary. Many facilities offer these for sale or rent out as an added service.

Label each box when packing items for storage; this will make it easier to locate items later. Arrange frequently used items at the front and less-often used ones at the back; it is also wise to keep a step stool within your unit to easily reach higher items.

Self-storage units offer many advantages for many different situations. From temporary use during a move to freeing up space in an otherwise small apartment or keeping furniture out of sight until ready to move them into your new home—and seasonal decorations! Self-storage units also make great tools when remodelling or working on other projects that involve furniture storage needs.

How Can You Access Self-Storage 24/7?

Individuals looking for personal storage space or business owners looking for equipment storage can find 24-hour access to self-storage invaluable. Unfortunately, however, finding such an option can sometimes be challenging.

Are you wondering, “Can You Access Self Storage 24/7?” Here are several key considerations.

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Storage facilities offering 24-hour access are meticulous in their efforts to restrict only authorised individuals from entering their premises, using building layout, facility design, and technology as tools to monitor activity and deter unauthorised entry. Surveillance cameras help staff monitor activity and deter entry; physical barriers like fences and gates regulate who can gain entry; and many facilities offer access control systems like electric keypads, which only grant entrance to those possessing the correct code—an effective method of both preventing unwelcome guests and providing convenient customer access.

Not all facilities offer 24/7 access, making it important to select one with rigorous security measures before signing a contract for one of these units. Look for well-lit facilities with gated access points secured with locks to reduce criminal activity and protect tenants of storage units. This will keep tenants safer.

As an example, if you’re a DJ who frequently has late-night gigs, having access to a storage unit that meets your needs would be extremely convenient after finishing your set. Be sure to discuss with the facility manager the possibility of using your storage unit after hours for this purpose; just ensure they know so they can plan appropriately and make arrangements with their staff members!

Robust security measures not only deter crime but can also aid with emergency response readiness by quickly detecting and responding to potential issues before they develop into full-scale emergencies such as break-ins or fires.

If you need 24-hour access to storage facilities near you, start your search online. Many storage operators maintain websites displaying their locations and operating hours; some could be large national chains, while others could be smaller locally run operations.


Storage units offering 24-hour access can be invaluable assets for individuals, families, and businesses. When living in densely populated areas like Brooklyn, where space is at a premium, having extra items stored outside of the home may become essential. When looking for self-storage facilities offering 24-hour access, make sure the building is well lit with security cameras present; additionally, a keycard or PIN system may add another layer of protection against break-ins or theft.

Parents working late or having to find babysitters on short notice may appreciate being able to quickly retrieve their children’s belongings when working late or at an unexpected babysitting schedule, while business owners who operate unorthodox hours appreciate having 24-hour access storage facilities available so they don’t have to take time off work just to grab something out of their unit.

If you need 24-hour storage access, start your search online by doing a quick search in your area. Keep in mind that even large national companies may have differing access hours; make sure you discuss this with their facility manager first so both of you are on the same page about what to expect for your specific needs and requirements.

No matter if you are a DJ who hosts late-night gigs on Fridays or a small business owner with irregular hours, 24-hour storage access allows you to keep your items close by without missing out on important activities or having to rely on others to collect supplies for you. It’s an invaluable service for busy professionals with fluctuating schedules!

If you’re searching for self-storage locations that allow for 24-hour access in Brooklyn, you won’t be disappointed by all the available options. From Williamsburg’s hip streets to Park Slope’s charming brownstones and beyond, Brooklyn offers no shortage of accessible self-storage spaces!

Access at Any Time

Storage facilities with 24-hour access give you more options and flexibility than traditional business-hours facilities, making the arrangement more suitable for people who lead nontraditional schedules, such as those who start early or work shifts that run late at night. They’re also convenient for those without enough room in their home to store belongings—or those needing extra room in which to do it!

If you’re searching for 24/7 access storage units in Brooklyn, your choices are ample. From Williamsburg’s trendy streets to Park Slope’s classic brownstones, there are storage solutions tailored specifically to meet the needs of any lifestyle imaginable.

Many national storage companies claim they offer 24-hour access, but it may vary by location and policy. Each facility is typically run by its own local manager with its own set of policies for 24/7 access to storage facilities. It’s best to look for local companies that operate a single facility in your area for the best results.

Calling directly and asking about 24-hour access may also help find an available facility. Some facilities will permit this access on a case-by-case basis, while others may charge an extra fee. Either way, it’s important to do your research beforehand so you know exactly what to expect when signing a lease agreement.

Self-storage offers 24-hour access, making it an invaluable option for customers across a range of needs and scenarios. From personal belongings and business supplies to RVs or boats, its convenient nature can make all the difference for your storage experience! Contact Moishe’s Self Storage now to find your ideal solution—we guarantee it! Visit our website or give us a call now; you won’t be disappointed by what awaits you there!


No matter the time of day or night, having access to your belongings at all times is vital. 24-hour access provides you with the ability to quickly grab holiday gear or boxes before work to help pack for a move.

24-hour access is an invaluable feature to look out for in a storage unit, giving you both freedom and peace of mind that your possessions will always be easily accessible.

Locating facilities offering 24-hour access can be done easily online using search terms like “self storage near me.” A simple website comparison search should give an accurate assessment of which options have this feature, but for added peace of mind, it may be worthwhile calling each facility directly in order to confirm whether they provide this perk. As some may not list this on their websites and larger chains may only offer it at certain locations, it would also be best to call directly and ask.

One reason a storage facility with 24-hour access is so beneficial to businesses is that it allows them to gain access to equipment or files at any time, not only during traditional business hours. This feature can be especially helpful for entrepreneurs and small business owners who work from home.

Individuals working shifts or having unpredictable schedules can especially benefit from round-the-clock access to their storage units. While taking time off work during standard business hours to visit their facility can be challenging, having an accessible facility open 24/7 means these individuals can swing by after work or on weekends without fear of missing their bus ride home.

Living in Brooklyn can be unpredictable; being adaptable is key. With an array of neighbourhood options ranging from Williamsburg’s hip streets to Park Slope’s classic brownstones, there’s no shortage of storage solutions, and many storage units in Brooklyn provide 24-hour access so you can access your belongings anytime, day or night.

What Can You Store in Self-Storage Units?

Self-storage units offer an effective solution when you’re trying to declutter your home or apartment, move house, store small vehicles, remodel your living space or store business stock. However, there are certain items that are illegal or harmful and should not be stored; live animals cannot be kept there, but knowing exactly which items are banned (like firearms and cash) is also important.

Guns, ammunition, and weaponry are typically prohibited from storage units due to safety and liability concerns. Other prohibited items include chemicals, radioactive materials, and biological agents; these items pose threats both to the storage facility itself and to those who work there.

Perishable items should never be stored in a storage unit for any length of time, even temporarily. Food can rot quickly, inviting pests and rodents that may damage items in storage, as well as bugs and mildew, which will create further issues. If shelf-stable foods must be stored there temporarily, make sure they are sealed properly and kept in a cool, dry location.

Car tyres or car wheels should never be stored in a storage unit as they pose both fire and trip hazards as they degrade, drawing vermin such as rats and mice to chew through and damage your items. Furthermore, their smell attracts insects as well as pests like rodents. However, a caravan or your first car would be suitable for self storage units. This is why it is important to check the company rules and guidelines before looking for cheap long term storage.

Fireworks, paints, thinners, and aerosols should never be stored in your storage space for fear that they can catch fire and ignite explosions within. Furthermore, these items could present a trip hazard and even produce unpleasant odours over time if left in there too long.

If you need to store any of these items, they should be placed in a sturdy box that clearly labels its contents as not to be touched or opened. Storing it away in the garage or basement rather than a storage unit may help ensure its safekeeping away from children and pets. For additional security measures, speaking to an experienced storage provider about alternative solutions may help; they will find one suitable to your needs and advise which size of storage unit would work best; for instance, a 10×20 unit could accommodate furnishings from an average one-bedroom apartment and garage combined!