tips on buying first car

How to Buy the First Car? 7 Tips You Need to Know

How to Buy the First Car? 7 Tips You Need to Know

tips on buying first car

Looking for a light at the end of the tunnel to find out how to buy the first car of your life, with no regrets? This content was made for you! Symbol of one of the most important achievements in a person’s life, the first car is truly unforgettable. And it doesn’t even have to be a zero kilometer.

However, you cannot invest your savings in the first opportunity that appears, however tempting it may be. There are used cars that are not worth the asking price, because they have been completely poorly maintained.

“Ah, but the bodywork is impeccable!”.

A lot of people are wrong with their choice, based on the look. When we talk about used cars, even though the mileage is low, one of the main concerns is with its internal structures, the most relevant of which is the engine.

Another question concerns the financial organization. The desire to have the vehicle in the garage speaks louder, but the debt can become an incalculable snowball. Well, we are surrounded by information on all sides, and it is only in the dark who really does not bother with possible losses.

We have compiled in this article, 7 tips for you who are in a decision process and want to know how to buy the first car.

How to Save to Buy the First Car?

To get started, you need to know the amount that fits in your pocket. How much are you willing and able to pay, without weighing your costs? The golden tip for buying the first car, is to try to give the maximum value in an entry, so you lower the interest rate and also the amount to dispose of each month. And don’t even think about total installment payments, if you don’t want to make a big loss.

Planning to pay the vehicle in cash is even better! There is no ready-made formula on how to save money to buy the first car, just discipline and organization. These are fundamental rules, so that you can enjoy your good with peace of mind.

An important note: To calculate all your expenses with the vehicle alone, also think about the other costs that will come with your purchase.

7 Tips for You Not to Get in Trouble and Know How to Buy the First Car

There are people who are passionate about old cars. Others, however, love modernity and technology. The tips we are going to give here today are universal and are valid for all cases:

  • Know the history of the vehicle you are keeping an eye on If the current owner or the store that is selling you was not concerned with the vehicle’s past, you should not even consider purchasing it.

    Check the owner’s manual for preventive maintenance history, ask about the care of the vehicle so far, whether it has been in an accident and when it was the last time it was in a mechanic shop. Research can be your life jacket in a leaky boat.

  • Take a trusted mechanic with you To analyze the vehicle, and check if your purchase will be a good deal, Even in stores, many of them only pass the product on, without an ounce of concern with the quality of the vehicle they are selling.

  • Note the details outside and inside. Compare the paint on all sides, check the condition of the tires, check for scratches, dents and rust. Oh, and be sure to come in to give a good sweep of the level of internal wear.

  • Take a test drive And during this journey of knowledge, watch the lights on the dashboard, engine roar, strange noises. With the vehicle still running, get out and see if all the lamps come on, in addition to checking for oil marks on the exhaust (indicating that the engine is faulty).

  • Check the engine oil The dipstick cannot indicate that it is below the second mark.

  • Is the documentation up to date? Make sure you leave with a vehicle totally free of debt and fines.

  • Beware of long-term payments! You will probably want to replace your used or used car in a shorter period of time, compared to a car for which you are the first owner. So, avoid taking a vehicle to pay for years on end. And, most importantly, it is sometimes better to pay more for a car that you will be able to easily pass on in the future.

The most precious tip is not in the topics above: buy your first car at a reputable store.